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Permissions for a newly created user
Posted: 29 May 2008 09:07 PM
By default, when a new user is created in OxyProject Assistant, there are no permissions associated to that user.

For this reason such a user will be able to add new items (without attachments), but will not be able to modify items.

Also that account will be allowed to add new documents and deployments but cannot modify them.

The ability to perform various activities within OxyProject Assistant is governed by the roles and the groups that are assigned to a user.

The default user account that is created as part of OxyProject Assistant installation (user “Administrator” password “admin”) has full permission on the system. This user belongs to “Administrator” role and belongs to “Full Rights” group.

To give full rights to a certain user, make sure that “Full Rights” group is assigned to that user.

To assign a restricted set of rights, create the group that has the rights that you need and assigned the user(s) to that group.

For more information regarding OxyProject Assistant security model, check walkthrough documents that are available in the documentation section at the following URL:

Please note that we strongly suggest to change the passoword of the Administrator account or even inactivate/delete it (assuming that you created another account that has full admin rights).

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